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Palm oil is an edible vegetable oil used in many food and non-food products. The palm oil industry has been linked to major global issues such as deforestation, biodiversity loss, habitat loss, climate change and indigenous rights abuses. Palm Oil For Sale. Since 2013, has been a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), an industrywide initiative that promotes the growth and use of sustainable palm oil products. All palm oil, palm kernel oil and any palm-based derivatives used in our exclusive brand food come from RSPO certified sustainable sources. We aim to convert to RSPO-certified derivatives and fractions for all non-food products by the end of 2025. Palm Oil For Sale.

Sustainably-produced, 100% certified and 100% traceable palm oil is part of our extensive portfolio of renewable raw materials. Despite our strong focus on waste and residue raw materials, we currently continue to use sustainably-produced vegetable oils, such as palm oil, in the production of renewables due to preferences in specific markets. Palm Oil For Sale.

Based on changing customer preferences and regulatory trends we expect conventional vegetable oils demand to be replaced entirely by waste and residues by 2025. In recent years, palm oil has accounted for approximately 20% of our annual renewable raw material inputs. Palm Oil For Sale.

See our Sustainability Report (p. 64) and our traceability dashboard for the most recent data on the palm oil that we use.

100% certified, 100% traceable

Palm Oil For Sale. We source only sustainably-produced palm oil from carefully selected producers in Malaysia and Indonesia who are committed to sustainable practices and meeting strict sustainability criteria embedded in the regulation on biofuels. These criteria include, for example, having a proactive approach to preventing deforestation and mitigating its risk. We do not own any oil palm plantations or operate any palm oil refineries or mills. Palm Oil For Sale.

Like all our renewable raw materials, also the palm oil volumes that we source always meet EU RED or US EPA requirements, as well as the legal requirements set by local authorities in all our markets. The palm oil that we source is 100% ISCC-certification and 100% traceable all the way to the oil palm plantations. Most of these volumes are additionally RSPO-certification as we require all our palm oil producers to be committed to RSPO certification, in addition to our other sustainability requirements.

When sourcing palm oil, we do not purchase separate certificates from the world market as many food industry companies do. We source certified palm oil directly from producer companies, which provides us an opportunity for direct engagement and collaboration, as well as better visibility into their operations. Palm Oil For Sale.

We work closely with sustainability specialists to monitor our supply chains, and we regularly engage directly with our suppliers. At we aim at building long-term relationships with our suppliers. Aiming to do even more than what is legally require to ensure that the palm oil we source is and remains fully sustainable. Palm Oil For Sale.

Efficient oil crop helps combat climate crisis

The oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) is a perennial plant that thrives when cultivated in tropical areas. Oil palm cultivation is very efficient in terms of land use. Compared to other oil plants, its oil yield is superior: on average, 4 tons of oil per hectare and at best up to 8 tons per hectare. Oil palm trees do not have to fell for the fruit bunches for collection; instead, the oil palm also produces oil year round for decades, providing steady income for those cultivating it.

Sustainably-produced palm oil has lower life cycle emissions compared to other farmed vegetable oil crops. Thanks to this, renewable fuel produced from palm oil can significantly cut climate emissions and contribute to combating climate crisis. Palm Oil For Sale online.

The palm oil that we source provides a 69% greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction on the average when refine into MY Renewable Diesel and when the fuel’s emissions over its entire life cycle are compare to similar emissions from fossil diesel use. The emission reduction clearly exceeds the 50% GHG emission. Reduction requirement for all biofuels defined in the Renewable Energy Directive (EU RED).

Approximately 29% of the palm oil we sourced in 2019 came from mills where we capture methane. Its formation reduce with other methods. In 2017, we have 50% methane emission reduction from application of a belt filter press at palm oil mills. We have since continued to aim for accelerated implementation of methane avoidance methods within the palm oil industry. Palm Oil For Sale.

Sustainability aspects of palm oil use

Similarly to all crops, also palm oil can be sustainably or unsustainably produced. The biofuels industry  require by law to ensure that the palm oil they use is verifiably sustainably produce. To do so, they must know the exact origin of the palm oil they uses. This is where the biofuels industry players like differ from palm oil users from other industries. The palm oil that we use has is 100% traceable to the plantation level since 2007.

European biofuels legislation prohibits the use of raw materials from estates that have establish by clearing natural forests. This helps biofuels producers to ensure that their palm oil volumes have not contributed to deforestation or threatened biodiversity. Palm Oil For Sale.

Knowing the exact origin of the palm oil helps biofuels producers and sustainability experts also to monitor human rights violations. Comprehensive data on our palm oil supply chain is transparently provided on our website. This helps our partners and third parties to monitor our suppliers’ sustainability performance.

The food industry continues being the world’s biggest consumer of palm oil accounting for close to 70% of the global consumption, biofuels accounting for 19%, and industrial uses (namely the chemical industry) nearly 14% (source: USDA, Oil World). In order to tackle all the sustainability challenges relating to the palm oil industry, sustainability criteria from the biofuels legislation would need extention to cover all uses of palm oil.

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